Classified Grant

The California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program (CCSETC) provides assistance to classified school employees to obtain a teaching credential. Funding of up to $4,800 per year is available to assist you with books and tuition while attending an institution of higher education. Eligible classified participants must have an Associate of Arts or Science degree or higher. Participants must also commit to accomplish the following:

  • Graduate from an institution of higher education with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Complete all of the requirements for obtaining a multiple subject, single subject, or an education specialist teaching credential.
  • Complete one school year of classroom instruction in a 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 County school district or the county office of education for each year that assistance for tuition and books are provided under the grant.

Review our September 13, 2023 presentation for a quick overview of the CCSETC grant processes and requirements.  To apply, complete the CCSETC application.  Once accepted into the CCSETC program, participants must sign a commitment form and comply with the rules and requirements of the program.  A reimbursement claim form along with receipts showing proof of payment are needed to process reimbursements.

Additional grant opportunities and information can be found at Teach 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 County.

For more details about the CCSETC grant, contact Mike Pappas, Director of Human Resources at or 650-802-5382.

Policies and Procedures

澳门六合彩开奖记录资料’s personnel policies and procedures provide general guidance to support staff and SMCOE in fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics in all programs, activities, and employment.

For assistance or to file a complaint related to discrimination or harassment contact Tami Moore, Associate Superintendent, Human Resources, at (650) 802-5385.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

The 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 recognizes one certificated (SMCEA) and three classified (CSEA 158, CSEA 789 and CSEA 887) bargaining units as well as Confidential and Management employee groups.

澳门六合彩开奖记录资料's non-management certificated employees are represented by the 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 County Educators Association (SMCEA). The classified employees are represented by the California School Employees Association (CSEA), which is comprised of three separate units representing employees in office administrative, technical services, and educational support occupations. The County Office works with its employee groups to reach agreement on the terms and conditions of employment.

Salary Schedules

Job Descriptions

By Job Title

Tami Moore

Associate Superintendent, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5385

Mike Pappas

Director, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5382

Kristin Stout

Coordinator, Professional Development and Employee Experience


Phone: (650) 802-5349

Jane Yang

Benefits Analyst, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5611

Shel茅ne Peterson

Executive Assistant II Confidential, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5381

Dalma Sato

Executive Assistant I Confidential, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5391

Sarah Look

Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources


Phone: (650) 802-5392

Human Resources Department


Fax: (650) 802-5388